Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Water Fountain Destinations Across the US

As promised, I'll be taking a journey across the US to highlight various Water Fountain Destinations in this post. The categories in which I'd place these fountains are: the unique, the spectacular, the mood-setters and the easily accessible (found in much-frequented tourist spots).

Each of these water fountains are worth a stop. If close to home, pack a picnic basket and check out the fountain. If any are close to where you're travelling to or thru, plan a brief rest stop. You won't be disappointed.

The first Stop: The Unique. Most all college and university campuses include a water fountain. UCLA's offering, The Inverted Fountain, built in 1968 by Jere Hazlett was inspired by the hot springs and the mudpots in Yellowstone National Park's Morning Glory Pool. (Photo by brent for the Wikimedia Commons)

Next stop: The Spectacular. The Fountain in Fountain Hills, AZ, about 40 min or so east of the I-17/I-10 junction in the Phoenix area. This water fountain, in service since 1970, has a 15 minute display that erupts every hour, as long as the wind is less than 10mph. In ideal (0 mph) wind conditions and when all three pumps are in action, the fountain reaches a height of about 560 feet! It held the Giuness record as the World's Tallest Fountain for a couple decades and now is #2 or #3.

I am a real sucker for the tiered or stair-step water fountain design and San Antonio's Hemisfair Park has a marvelous example. A great walking or jogging park located in the downtown area, the Fountain is situated in the park's plaza. A fine place for a picnic, and the sound is wonderful.

For mood, you cannot beat the seclusion of Houston's Wortham Park Fountain located in the Medical Center. You'd never expect a quiet spot like this to exist within an most urban setting. This is a worthwhile stop, especially if you're in the middle or at the end of a hectic day.

The next stop is in Washington, DC.
Another stair-step is located (left) in Meridian Hill/ Malcom X Park (Photo by Ben Schumin). Pack a snack and preapre to settle back and enjoy the water flow. Also in DC, (right) within the FDR Memorial, is a water fountain setting that combines the tranquil with the impressive. Actually DC has several water fountains worth a look, and I'll porobably devote a post to them in the future.

The last stop features Disney fountains and these are located in Disney World and in Epcot Center in Florida (photos by Benjamin D. Esham for the Wikimedia Commons). The Disney parks have been seen by millions of tourists and, in terms of water features, these examples are typical of Disney facilities, world-wide. So while at the Disney parks and hotels, check out the various water features and enjoy the imaginative designs and settings.

Each of today's water fountain examples are worth our appreciation as creations having their lineage traced back thousands of years. Your water fountain at home is no different, except for its size. So, I hope you will appreciate the ancestry, ancient to contemporary, of your personal multi-tasking water fountain at home.

My next post will focus on the Water Fountain Capital of the World - Rome, Italy.

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