Monday, June 1, 2009

I am sitting close to the fountain in my enclosed patio as I think about & jot down ideas for this post. The sound of the water is absolutely wonderful! Here’s a picture of the source of that sound.

If there were only one or two benefits of indoor water fountain ownership, it would likely be OK with most people. However, your indoor water fountain (your multi-tasking workhorse) is actually a dynamic piece of kinetic art. Its pleasing form is only a beginning, for the sounds it produces, and the sight of flowing water in your fountain are non-repeating, unpredictable elements.

This kaleidoscopic, ever-changing source of sights and sounds is the final, and for some people, the most important benefit of indoor water fountain ownership.

The other benefits I've covered in prevoius posts: air cleansing, humidification and stress reduction may well be unknown at the time of purchase and so the appearance of the indoor water fountain is likely to be paramount during the process of choosing and purchasing the fountain. And, as a piece of art perhaps this is exactly as it should be.

I hope you will enjoy and appreciate the myriad benefits that are inherent to your indoor water fountain. And you thought you were just getting some sort of object d’art/ nice decoration!

There’s a long history associated with the water fountain and I’ll be sharing some of this historical info in upcoming posts, with the hope that you will gain yet another perspective on and even more appreciation for your indoor water fountain.

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