Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And Yet Another Fountain Destination

Another journey today, but first I'd like to let ypu know that you can take it with you. Your fountain, that is. A battery operated fountain can pack into a suitcase and not take up too much room. And why have a fountain during my travels, you ask? We all have experienced whirlwind vacations that did not seem to shape up that way before we left home.

By the time we returned home on those occasions, how many of us have felt that we needed another vacation to recover from this last one? I consider your water fountain as a parallel to Linus' (remember Peanuts?) blanket. (You can check out my previous posts on the real benefits of your water fountain by clicking one of the MAY links on the right-hand side of this page). Why not take along something that provides the stress relieving benefits that could mitigate the effects of jet lag or a hectic day? Linus would approve, I'm sure.

And now, on to Miami. Truthfully, there are not many fountains of note in Miami. A couple nice ones, but most folks don't go to Miami to look at structiures, at least not inorganic ones, but rather to have fun in the sun and experience the amazing food & nightlife wonderfully influenced by the Cuban culture.

There is a nice fountain in Bayfront Park that you are likely to run into heading to or from the water.

If you find the outside temperature a bit much and are in the area, the Grand Doubletree east atrium and west atrium each contain pleasant fountains that offer the respite of an indoor environment.

I'm glad that you brought your battery operated water fountain with you, because it was likely the best fountain on this trip. However, I hope you enjoyed all the other delights in Miami and were diligent in applying your maximum SPF sun protectant.

My next post will hop cross-country to the Fountain Destination - San Francisco.

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