Friday, June 12, 2009

Water Fountain Destination - Las Vegas

Turn off your indoor & outdoor fountains, make room in your suitcase for your portable battery operated water fountain and move out smartly for today's Water Fountain Destination - Las Vegas.

This City in the desert is home to many fountains and water features, most found along the famous Strip with all it's themed hotels.

One would expect water features at The Venetian with it's canals... the Mirage with its name giving a hint of water

...and at the Roman themed Caeser's Palace (photo: Arnold C), and you would not be disppointed.

Amidst all the bustle and glitz of The Strip, water features are difficult to avoid - they can be found both noutside and inside the venues and my be obvious or tucked away in some nook or cranny. As such, I urge all visitors to explore the delight of water fountain discovery as you walk with your camera through as many of the awesomely appointed hotels as your legs can manage.

I mention legs becausethe high tourist season, you will be able to travel faster on foot than by car or cab and (sometimes expensive) parking concerns won't be an issue.

What I want to emphasize to all water fountain enthusiasts is to save some energy so that you have enough left in your tank to get yourself over to the Bellagio.

This monument to tasteful excess is home to a free outdoor water show considered, one of the top 5 or 10 water features in the world - The Fountains of Bellagio. The shows last less than 15 minutes and are featured every afternoon from 3PM on weekdays and Noon on weekends thru midnight, starting every 30 min until 8 PM and every 15 minutes after that.

Still photos simply cannot do it justice, so I've included a video here, and even the video can only do it a bit more justice.

( video by RaidersS5)
[hit refresh/F5 key if the video doesnt load]

It must be seen in person and I recommend the late evening or at night when the fountain lighting is most visible. The choreography of the presentation that dramaticlly combines light, music and computer controlled water sprays is a must-see. 'Nuf said.

Bring your appetite to Las Vegas, too. Each hotel features many choices from quick snacks to massive buffets to fine dining, and there are many other restaurants for all tastes and budgets on (or close to) the Strip and also in the Downtown area.

Your portable fountain, though a pale comparason to the Bellagio display, will still help you to relax and let go of the day's activities in the quiet of your hotel room. And remember, your fountain at home is a cousin of that awesome water display and wonderful in its own right.

My next Water Fountain Destination(s) will be a compilation of interesting fountains around the US.

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