Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Considerations Regarding Your New Water Fountain

A water fountain in your environment will provide many benefits to your mind, body, and soul – water fountains are aesthetically pleasing, they enhance physical well being, and they improve ones mental state. By browsing these posts, you will find that you become knowledgeable about your water fountain, and you will be able to share what you’ve learned about water fountains with your friends, when they notice and comment on the ways your life has gotten better. This post will continue with the focus on the decorative/aesthetic aspect of water fountains.

So, a battery operated or other smaller water fountain is usually the easiest way to move into water fountain ownership. I can almost guarantee that when you discover how wonderful it is to have a fountain in a certain area, say around a grouping of live plants, you will want a more permanently placed water fountain in your world. Using the live plant example, smaller plants on a shelf or table will require a tabletop model. Larger plants on the floor will likely need a taller freestanding style, but a tabletop water fountain on a small table or stand may well work amid a grouping of large plants. Once again, your choice in design, modern, contemporary, classical or whimsical is a reflection of your personality and will set the visual mood of your space.

When you decide to make your water fountain the focal point of a room, patio, or garden, a wall-mounted model is likely to be your choice. Instead of a wall mount, you may prefer a very tall (four-five foot) free-standing unit placed against the wall. A high ceiling frequently calls for a vertical design, while a lower overhead space generally calls for a more horizontal look. However, rules are made to be broken, and you must always keep your own tastes in mind, rather than some abstract theory of interior design. Your wall fountain will dictate furniture placement to some extent, as you will want to take into account both the visual consideration and assuring adequate room to walk through the area without bumping into/ disturbing your water fountain. Similar considerations also apply to a tall, free-standing unit within a room. The free-standing type of unit tends to be significantly more expensive; it is usually associated with a much larger space, but its your fountain and your space—again no hard and fast rules.

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