Thursday, April 16, 2009

Considerations Regarding Outdoor Fountains

I really like this video because it give a good sense of what its like to have a water fountain nearby. Go ahead & turn up the volume for full effect as you read this post:

A water fountain in your environment will provide many benefits to your mind, body, and soul – water fountains are aesthetically pleasing, they enhance physical well being, and they improve ones mental state. By browsing these posts, you will find that you become knowledgeable about your water fountain, and you will be able to share what you’ve learned about your water fountain with friends, when they notice your water fountain perhaps comment on the ways your life has gotten better. This post will continue with the focus on the decorative/aesthetic aspect of water fountains.

As the summer months call to us to spend more time in our outdoor spaces, this is the time to consider making your patio or yard the spot for your water fountain. Much less expensive than a trip to a tourist destination, re-designing your space as a relaxing & visually satisfying area is an effort worth making, and it will continue to give you a “great escape” for years for little additional expense. A water fountain is an important part of transforming any ordinary area into a special place where you go to relax and spend time, by yourself or with family & friends.

Adding a water fountain to your yard or patio entails the same considerations as with inside placement: should the fountain be a focal point, or blended into the scenery? A tabletop water fountain (perhaps more intimate), or freestanding water fountain (usually more dramatic)? Materials are one consideration. Outdoor models are usually quite sturdy and, of course, constructed of materials, real or faux, designed to withstand the elements. In choosing what your fountain is made of, your style and taste are the most important guidelines to the overall effect of your water fountain.

Power source also needs to be considered in terms of distance to your water fountain; if the outlet is not right by the fountain, you will need to figure out how to hide or disguise the power cord. A solar-powered water fountain is one possibility, but as it solves one problem, it creates another. A small solar panel just needs exposure to light to keep your water fountain operating; it may be placed close to the water fountain and fairly easily hidden. The problem it creates is that after dark, the fountain stops running. That may or may not be an issue for you, depending on whether you spend time outdoors during the day or at night. If you’re a sun worshipper, problem solved. If you’re outside a lot after dark, you may put solar panels near an artificial light source but then hiding or disguising the solar cord becomes an issue. The energy saved with a solar powered water fountain is not substantial, but a kilowatt saved is a lower carbon footprint, and it will make a difference if you feel that it’s important to go green. For me, I feel a sense of sadness when I see an idle water fountain; I miss watching the water’s activity, but even when the fountain is out of view, I miss the sound of the water. Again, the sight and sound of your water fountain may not matter to you at night, in which case the solar solution is recommended. If you feel as I do about fountains, you may find it worth the trouble and creative effort to figure out a way place the solar panel near a lihjt source & to hide the solar cord so you can enjoy all aspects of your water fountain 24/7.

With the previous guidelines in mind, I wish you much enjoyment in the course of choosing your water fountain, indoors or out, and in making it a part of your environment.

In the meantime, enjoy this outdoor water fountain video:

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