Monday, April 13, 2009

The Importance Of Water Fountains In My Life

Hello to all.....This site is dedicated to all things WATER FOUNTAIN; I will be sharing my personal experiences & perspectives. You may agree or disagree with my opinions. Either way, I welcome your thoughts and comments.

I've lived most of my life near water-- the Great Lakes in my youth and the Pacific Ocean in my middle years. Today I live in a desert community, and my relationship with water is more important than ever. Absence DOES make the heart grow fonder.

As a child, my family frequently vacationed in the Rockies where I discovered the delightful babbling of brooks & streams winding their way down mountainsides or meandering through meadows. Those memories were apparently deeply imprinted onto my core, for as I grew older I began to seek out the sound of water wherever I traveled or lived.

I can't remember exactly when I got my first home water fountain, but I do remember how familiar and 'right' it felt in my environment, and since then I have always had at least one water fountain in my home, office reception, and in my office itself.

This connection with water fountains appears to be quite universal rather than just limited to a personal preference of mine. Visitors to my office or home often commented on the pleasure they found in the sounds of my fountains. Today, one thing my wife & I enjoy daily is the wedding present we gave to each other, a patio water fountain/waterfall.

In future blogs I will share the presence & importance of water fountains throughout history and across many cultures. For example, can you think of any motion picture depicting ancient life in Italy or Greece in which a water fountain was not present? And that's just the European aspect.....

Today, scientific research has been able to identify emotional, physical, and environmental benefits of water fountains; I'll be sharing research article conclusions and my personal experience of those benefits.

Some people stay away from having a water fountain because they believe that the care and maintenance is complicated and time consuming. This may be true in very elaborate systems that include plants, animals, and/or fish, but for the average person the opposite is true. A few minutes a week or month will keep your fountain running smoothly and beautifully for many years by following a few easy guidelines that will appear in future postings.

And what type water fountain to choose, if you do want one? This is ultimately a personal question, the answer to which will depend on your unique needs, personality, preferences, enviroment and resources. I'll be offering some perspectives and guidelines on this issue.

I'll also share my perspectives on the social benefits of water fountains, such as the presence of a water fountain in most town squares-important meeting & social gathering places before the advent of mass communication.

All this plus the technology that produces small, affordable fountains makes the water fountain and its many benefits available to all who desire water fountains as part of their environment. Witihin most people's budget and easy to maintain, small portable water fountains, tabletop water fountains, free standing indoor or outdoor water fountains and wall-mounted water fountains offer a wonderful way to experience the many rewards of a making a personal water fountain part of your life.

I look forward to interacting with you about my passion, water fountains.

Until then, check out this video of an amazing Japanese water fountain:

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