Monday, May 11, 2009

Indoor Water Fountain Benefits – Looking at the Physical/Environmental Benefits, Part 1

Your indoor water fountain is more than a decorative object in your home-- it is the source of several perks providing benefits to anyone who comes into proximity of the fountain. Physical, environmental, psychological, emotional, and purely aesthetic advantages to being around an indoor water fountain are all rolled into one unit which, in today’s difficult economic conditions, represents an amazing value for one’s money invested wisely. These benefits are all intertwined to some degree; this article will focus on the physical and environmental only, as far as it is possible to do so.

There is a great deal of conversation and concern about air pollution these days. Chemical and fossil fuel power plants, automobiles and tobacco smoke, just to name a few, have emitted their waste into our atmosphere to the point that increasing amounts of toxins can be measured in the air we all breathe.

Sophisticated, very sensitive measuring devices have recently shown pollutants in the air that we never knew about previously, mostly inside our homes. The causes of these newly discovered toxins are quite varied-- the paint on our walls, lint that breaks free of our clothing through normal wear and tear, fiber particles that enter our indoor atmosphere through the natural wear & decay of rugs, curtains, etc., and some plastics—all of these particles can, in extreme circumstances, generate a toxic level of unhealthy air.

An entire industry has been created over the past 20 years to provide consumers with ways to remove these pollutants from the air in our homes. Most often these air cleaners have drawbacks; they may be large, space-consuming, sometimes unattractive noisy devices or they may be unseen devices built into heating/cooling systems. Both types have in common a hefty initial price and the ongoing expense of filter replacement, or significant time spent cleaning/ maintaining the capture grids.

Your water fountain, besides being pleasing to the eye and ear, is by its very nature an anti-pollution device. Falling water produces and distributes negative ions into the air. Negative ions attach themselves to dust particles and remove them from the air, thereby producing clean air in your room. Now, the total effect may not clean up an entire home, but the area around your indoor water fountain will be measurably and noticeably cleaner, and that’s a start. The greater the water flow/fall, the greater the cleansing effect.

I will address other standard benefits of indoor water fountain ownership in future articles and until then, I hope you appreciate & enjoy the air cleansing benefits of your indoor water fountain.

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